About Us

The History of Harbour and Norris Insurance Agency

In 1958 Dave Norris began training Robert Drew in the art of selling Life and Health insurance door to door.  As Robert began to work as an agent he realized his customers wanted more, they wanted their homes and automobiles insured as well. Robert started his own business with the help of his mother who became a licensed agent and the Dorothy Burr Insurance Agency was born.  Many years later Robert encouraged Dave to go into the Property and Casualty business which Dave did, starting “Norris Insurance Agency” from his home in South Meadow Village in Carver. 

In 1977 Robert and Dorothy purchased “Harbour Insurance Agency,” located at the time in Scituate Harbor. In 1985 Harbour Insurance became incorporated and over the years the family business grew, buying out four agencies including “Norris Insurance Agency” in 1993. Robert's son Douglas was hired to run the Norris Location in Carver, Ma. After Dave Norris retired, the company retained the name Norris Insurance Agency until 2015. After Mr. Norris's passing the agency bought the building across the street from its previous location and renamed the agency Harbour Insurance like its sister agency. 

Now Doug's son Joshua has joined the business and his daughter Samantha has created the company website and logo. Harbour Insurance continues to be a growing and successful family business.      

Harbour Insurance and the Town of Carver

Harbour Insurance Agency has been a huge supporter of the town of Carver.

Since 2003 Harbour/Norris Insurance has given scholarships to deserving college bound Carver High School students.

They have contributed to the Annual Crusader Athletic Booster Club, and began sponsoring Carver Youth athletic teams in 1996.

When Carver needed supporters for the new town playground, adjacent to the Town Library, Harbour/Norris did not hesitate. Harbour/Norris Insurance was one of the initial businesses to donate their time and money to this worthy project. The playground continues to be enjoyed by many families.


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